Chasing Dreams 2: Bangkok to New Zealand

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Exploring the Blue Spring and Te Waihou Walkway - The Ultimate Guide


The Perfect Rainy Day Activity - The Te Awamutu Space Centre

The Space Centre is a fascinating facility hidden away in a small town on the outskirts of Te Awamutu. This 200m2 building consists of a small museum, a range of interactive exhibits for all ages, a space shop and a passionate curator (Space Dave) that lives and breathes space travel. Check out our blog to learn more! Read More


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The power of positivity at work

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The Best Weekend Markets in Hamilton and the Waikato

The Mighty Waikato: A place of luscious farmland and picturesque countryside towns. What’s better to do on the weekend than check out the local markets? In this guide, you will find a comprehensive list of all the local markets on offer around the Waikato. Read More


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The Ultimate DIY Waikato Photography Tour Guide

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