About Hidden Lake

Perfectly New Zealand

Behind a stand of mature trees in Cambridge, a forest is reflected in the mirrored waters of Lake Te Koutu – the hidden lake.

This is a pristine destination, unique to New Zealand. The authentic kiwi post card you see in your mind’s eye stretches out before you. All the classic charm and allure travellers come looking for is found here, in the green hills and misty forest, in the pitched rooves and welcome hospitality.

Cambridge is a beautiful heritage town with leafy streets just 2 hours from Auckland and 20 minutes from Hamilton. Lakewood enlivens the area, creating a buzz. An old railway station and WWII bunker provide a touch of history. The area has a long association with thoroughbred horses, rowing, cycling, and equestrian sports and is often referred to as the “Home of Champions”.

Lake Te Koutu is popular for its trails, variety of trees and magnificent gardens. There are several lookouts and water features to discover on the short walks and long hikes into the surrounding country. Or, if you prefer, there’s really no need to leave the hub.

Right outside the door

Newly opened in 2018, Lakewood places boutique shops, restaurants and entertainment right next door to the hotel. A number of local dining venues offer a chargeback facility. Guests can enjoy use of the new Snap Fitness Centre and village WiFi. There’s a playground for families and the hub is a popular meeting spot for locals and visitors to the area. Lakewood and the Hidden Lake Hotel are located in the heart of Cambridge, close to CBD shops, coffee houses and dining.