The power of positivity at work

10th June 2019

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Creating an inspirational workplace

We are fortunate to be in the driving seat of this incredible new business. So when it came time to think about the type of workplace we wanted to create, we started with a word – inspirational.

A workplace that attracts likeminded individuals

It is our belief that we grow by learning from each other. We want to staff this exceptional hotel with people who want to be here as much as we do, and inspire in newcomers a lifelong passion for this amazing industry.

Hospitality workers need a positive mindset

The beauty of working with others in hospitality is how they add value to the business with their unique skill set, personality, and ability to get things done while maintaining quality standards. Hospitality workers must sometimes undertake quite physical or demanding tasks. We need great EQ (emotional intelligence) to show a smile at any time of the day and be ready to extend a warm and inviting welcome to strangers. It’s a complex industry that requires great attention to detail, communication and empathy skills, as well as the 4C’s – courtesy, consistency, confidence, and cleanliness.

A good training process

We want a passionate and professional team running Hidden Lake Hotel, dedicated to going the extra mile for customers. So we’re providing qualifications on the job and ensuring there are great professional development opportunities available.

Flexibility and modern tools

Just like our ‘no paper no plastic’ commitment ushers in a future edge thought process, so too does our attitude to the modern workplace. Today’s world demands flexible working arrangements. We combine specialist contractors working remotely with operations specialists who are hands on. Smart rostering can achieve a 4-day working week with the same amount of hours. Cloud based communication tools and redirection capabilities are used to free workers from fixed positions in the hotel. Data collection, collation and analysis informs peak times and guest movements, enabling staff to excel in their work.

Every person has an important role to play

At Hidden Lake Hotel every team member is valued and quality will be rewarded. Casual staff can energise those of us working longer hours. Part time staff can provide a fresh set of eyes with more time to reflect on tasks. Listening to others and respecting differences is a must.

Positive people take the initiative

Those who let common sense prevail are well equipped to ensure guests are cared for in the most timely manner. We empower all staff to deal with and solve issues as quickly as possible for the best outcome. Being a boutique business there’s no need to boot issues up the line. We are less bureaucratic and that is a win for all.

Our positive workplace goals are providing hospitality with likeminded passionate individuals who care about the hotel’s guests, each other, and the region. And who in turn feel valued and inspired as part of a positive culture that is customer focused.


Glenda Hamilton and Chris Turner are the owners and operators of Hidden Lake Hotel, Cambridge, New Zealand.

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