Seasons and Sustainability. Our New Menu.

29th June 2023

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Enjoy a flavoursome feast fresh from the artisans, rich soils and fertile grazing grounds of the Waikato and New Zealand.

Seasons and Sustainability. Our New Menu.

Out of the sea and off the butcher’s block. Farm to plate. Our new menu celebrates the fertile lands and pristine oceans of the Waikato and greater New Zealand. Seasonal produce is plentiful here and we’ve gone out of our way to source the best of it from local producers whose earth-conscious thinking is in tandem with our own.

Breads handcrafted by Volare

The award-winning Volare Bakery employs timeless processes and invests a great deal of time into creating the best bread body, loaf, and crust possible. To accompany the multi-layered texture of Volare bread, we’ve paired their airy, pliable sourdough with dips and dukkha. And sweet brioche with a prawn remoulade and chive mayo.

Grass Fed, Free Range, Organic, Spray Free, NZ Meat

Te Awamutu and the Waikato’s export quality gourmet butcher, Expleo, procures the finest cuts of handcrafted meats and presents them traditionally. Our new menu features Expleo’s dry-aged Scotch fillet and free-roaming, antibiotic-free Expleo chicken (also on our kids’ menu). We rub Expleo’s 100% grass fed beef ribs with native herbs, and soy-braise their succulent pork belly. These dishes represent a taste of the Waikato where you can really taste the difference.

D’Arcy’s garden fresh salads

D’Arcy’s namesake organic garden has supplied the Hidden Lake Hotel kitchen with numerous fresh vegetables and herbs since we opened. Continuing this tradition, we source further ingredients from the best fruit and veg sellers in Cambridge so you can enjoy the texture and flavour of ‘just picked’ on your plate.

Local secrets and a world-class phenomenon

Rich pastures and contented milking cows go together like milk and chocolate and strawberry coconut lime leaf. Welcome to the small batch big flavour taste of Hamilton’s own Duck Island ice creamery. If your kids like ice cream (do we need to ask?), they’ll love a scoop of Duck Island with our newly created Kids’ Meal.

How can you go past any brand that believes that “best is always better”. New Zealand’s famous Whittaker’s chocolates are well known and loved throughout the land and increasingly across the seas. Thinking outside the (chocolate) square, our new menu combines Whittaker’s incredible edibles with raspberry and mascarpone to create the Waikato’s own version of a ‘Chocolate Nemesis’.

Designed from the ground up

We’re proud to introduce our new Menu in D’Arcy’s Garden Restaurant, Club Lounge & Bar. It has taken some time to source and design each item on it with an emphasis on seasonal and sustainable. But most importantly, taste.

We look forward to welcoming you to the regional flavours and freshness on the plate from the passionate chefs and kitchen hands of Hidden Lake Hotel.

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